Why I Blog

Ryan and I married in 2004 and were both very career-minded, and we allocated little time for friends and family.  We were new to the DFW area when we tied the knot, so with the combination of the new scenery and our career-driven lives, we didn’t made a lot of new relationships outside of work.  We were both grinding it out, putting in the effort at our jobs, and at the end of a day or a week we just really didn’t have a lot left on the table.

I am relationally-minded and craved deeper friendships, and over the new few years I began to take a thorough look at my life and what I really wanted for my future, and for my family’s future.

It was around 2007-ish that I began following several different blogs (most popularly Pioneer Woman) …I read blogs about photography, health, home, design, family, travel, education, and Christianity.  I really enjoyed getting a little peek into other’s lives.

From these blogs I gained much inspiration and leaned into my identity and passions.  I began to make tangible changes in my life like…

–Dedicating time for relationships and building friendships!

–Learning to take more pride in my role as a wife and a mom as I invested in my home life at our little Ranch in the City!

–Changing up my career, and work schedule!

–Trying new recipes!

–Planting a garden!

–Daring to become a homeschooling momma!

–Dreaming and planning for what my legacy will be!

And these are just a few ways my life looks different than it did ten years ago.

Women who shared their hearts, and photos, and tips and tricks, led me to see the world in a way that I wasn’t currently viewing it.  Their words and images were what I needed to challenge and excite me, to create big purposeful dreams!

I am here to continue my journey of being inspired online and connecting with others, and I’m here to share my own life in hopes that maybe I will inspire just one momma out there.

The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1



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