A View of the Homeschool Studio

Thanks for stopping by to take a little look at our homeschool studio. We love it, we really do!

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We have one dedicated room in our home where we keep our projects, books, supplies, etc. Let me suggest that even if you don’t homeschool, it could be fun and worthwhile to have a room dedicated to learning and reading and crafting and doing all the fun things, and being able to spread out on something besides the kitchen table!

This is our third year to homeschool, and each year we change this room up based on our interests and needs. For the 2017-2018 school year, we decided to add a table (for Kam) and individual desk (for Dev), take out some extra clutter/distractions, and we also painted the room a fresh coat of white to create an open airy feeling!

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First off, let me show you momma’s (teacher’s) area.  I have a simple wooden table and chair, a United States map that my grandma quilted specifically for our homeschool area, and my favorite wooden INSPIRE letters that I purchased from 163 Design Company and painted aqua blue!

Here’s a couple of my favorite finds: the old rusty red ladder to the left holds three brightly colored quilts (also made by my grandma) that the kids can use when they are chilly or just want to cozy up.

The yardstick hanging next to the closet door has tick marks for each of my kids every year that they start school.  Fun keepsake!

The old hanging ladder is a gift from my mom and I looped apple pom-poms (purchased from Target) through it, and we use clothespins to hang special art work along the chain.

I promise my desk is never this clean!



Here is the main area of the homeschool studio.  We put Kam’s table and chairs right in the center of the room!

I keep a jar of Legos on the table for Kam because he loves to build stuff when I read aloud or when I am working with Devynn.  The Legos keep his mind AND his hands busy, which is a huge win!

I love our bookshelves and we are running out of space and trying to figure out what to do next!  I found these awesome bookplates from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples (several years ago) and I used them to label each shelf and to help keep a little bit of organization!

Let’s talk about this wall map for a minute…it was a recent find at Canton this summer and I love the bright colors.  It was so special to me to find something that reminds me of my own fond memories in a classroom! It is actually three maps (world, US, and Texas/New Mexico/Oklahoma/Louisiana that you can adjust by rolling up the bottom, and it is HUGE!

One of my favorite areas is Devynn’s little corner with her desk.  I wasn’t too excited about locating her in the corner (from a design aspect) but she wanted to be able to look right out the window and admire nature during her time seated here.  Since my girl loves all things nature and is an aspiring veterinarian, I couldn’t find it in my heart to disagree!

This metal desk is also a Canton find…it originally wasn’t too pretty but I spray painted it Aqua and Dev loves it!  Again, I love the nostalgia, my momma had a metal desk in her office when I was growing up. I paired it with a red chair, similar to my red chair at my desk.  My momma used chalk paint on these old chairs from my Granny Joy’s house.

A little crafty creation Devynn made for the window.  You can see why she might love to have this view everyday!

Desk drawer full of all sorts of goodness like gel pens and her bitsbox coding book.

Something to color in during read aloud…told you she loved animals 🙂

Organization in a spiral for my organized girl. (Purchased at Mardel. I’ve got the teacher version, and it is FABULOUS.)

Another find new to our homeschool studio this year is this book carousel that we found at a garage sale this summer.  It has helped supplement our book storage.

The last area to show you is our “tall wall!”  This photograph is a little distorted from my wide angle lens, but you get the idea!  We’ve added a few things to it since the school year started, and I envision this being a wall that constantly changes depending on what we are studying.  I guess I should technically call it our bulletin board.

The white foam back board with sticky notes is our class schedule.  The schedule written out combined with the clock (click here to see it at Target) above it really helps keep us on schedule! And the sticky notes are easy to change in and out when we need to update our schedule.

I hope you have enjoyed checking out our little homeschool studio that is constantly evolving! I am so grateful for friends and family that have inspired me and helped contribute to this joyful room!










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