The Ranch Is Where Our Hearts Are

This site is named Ranch in the City because it’s the nickname for our home!  Is it a ranch? No, not unless you consider 5 acres a ranch! Is it in the city? No, but it’s near enough to all modern conveniences to certainly be considered “city life.”

My husband and I were both born and raised in small town U.S.A. around cowboys and livestock. When we graduated from small college U.S.A., we headed straight for the big city ready for excitement and entertainment and the hustle.

But…we figured out pretty quickly that what we didn’t like about urban life was loads of traffic and our neighbors in super-close proximity, so we found a little piece of land to quietly raise our kids, a place the good Lord blessed.

Our Ranch in the City is close to both Dallas and Fort Worth, yet we have fresh air, starry nights, chirping birds, quiet winds, livestock, and a place to run wild and free.  We can breathe here.

Ranch residents include chickens (meet them here), donkeys, dogs, and a cat…as well as many other “friends” like skunks, mosquitoes, rabbits, birds, snakes, and coyotes!

{Our ultimate dream is to own a guest ranch someday.  It’ll be our “real” ranch!}

You are always welcome here at the Ranch! Thanks for stopping by to visit!



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