The Absolute Best Way to Make a Bunk Bed

When our baby entered the scene in 2015, we needed to figure out a good way to fit 4 kids into 3 bedrooms.  Deciding that baby boy needed his own room, we decided to house our middle son and our daughter together in a room with bunk beds.

What was challenging for me to figure out was the bedding situation.  Like most bunk beds, ours was placed against the wall and I could already see that it was going to be hard for my little peeps to make the beds.  It would be nearly impossible for their little hands to get the spread nice and neat on the wall side, and I was concerned that the room would constantly look messy.

My kids make their beds every day, and a reward of that effort should be a great visual effect!

After browsing around on the Internet and getting relevant tips from other mommas, I realized that whatever I did needed to be EASY.  And because I cannot tolerate visual pollution, it needed to also look good!

Design Plan:

  1. Purchase cute fitted sheets because these, rather than the bedspread/coverlet would be the interesting visual piece.
  2. Forego purchasing a flat sheet to go over the fitted sheet.
  3. Use a twin-sized bedspread, but rather than covering the bed with it, simply fold it up and keep it at the end of the bed.  {Unfold and use when sleeping.}
  4. Coordinate a couple of pillows and throw pillows to go along with the sheet and bedspread.

Why and How This Works:

  1. My kids tend to get hot at night and did not need a flat sheet.  It also helped them so much to skip this part of making their bed every morning.
  2. Instead of trying to get the sheets and bedspread aligned properly every morning and get the bed made just right, they simply take the blanket and fold it up and put it on their bed.
  3. All the kids have to do when “making their bed” is to prop their pillows back up and fold a blanket.  It takes less than a minute and most importantly it LOOKS GOOD.

Even easier tip: Rather than a bedspread or coverlet, you could simply use a pretty blanket or large throw that you already have.  And if they tend to get chilled in the winter months, simply use two blankets.  I keep a basket of quilts at the end of their bed for easy quick access if they decide they need another layer to keep them warm.




Sheets: The Company Store

Bedspread & Pillow Sham: Target

Bunk Beds: Wal-Mart (similar)

Wall Map: Amazon

Throw pillows: Ikea & Target

Wire basket (holding quilts): Target

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