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A Man Among Men

In the end, the sport gave him exactly what I always dreamed that it would: character, integrity, leadership, and a warrior heart… Dear Kade, It’s taken me a week to collect my thoughts and put into words how I feel about the end of your football career. While I’m obviously proud of the awards you […]

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Near Fumble

I’m happy to report that Kam did great during his first {big} football game yesterday.  I wrapped him up in a Moby wrap that my cousin and aunt gave me and it worked perfectly!  There was lots of noise and onlookers but he held up like a champ. In other not so good news, yesterday […]

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I would like to blog…

…but life has been crazy! In effort to catch up, I am posting some random pictures on the blog tonight. First off, Candice’s wedding.  Here I am doing my job as program provider (or perhaps you might call me a guestbook attendant, I don’t know the correct terminology).   Why is my picture taken from […]

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Middle school football

Middle school football is in full swing and I thought I’d post a few pictures.  I haven’t taken very many pictures this year because it’s hard for me to watch the entire game with the full effect when I’m taking pictures.  Call it laziness.  Cause that’s what it is. Here’s my little (and he does […]

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Today I am posting the first day of school pictures.  Kade has already been at school for three weeks so I am a little behind in posting–nothing new there! Here is Kade's first day of middle school…he has football before school so he is dressed out in his athletic clothes.   I have been praying […]

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