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A Man Among Men

In the end, the sport gave him exactly what I always dreamed that it would: character, integrity, leadership, and a warrior heart…

Dear Kade,

It’s taken me a week to collect my thoughts and put into words how I feel about the end of your football career. While I’m obviously proud of the awards you were recognized for last week…

-First Team All-State Linebacker TAPPS Division 1

-First Team All-State Academic TAPPS Division 1

-First Team All-District Linebacker

-Honorable Mention All-District Running Back

-Liberty Christian Warrior Heart Award

…I’m way more proud of the man you’ve become

There were practices, games, and seasons that were more challenging than others. There were days, and weeks, where you felt your hard work wasn’t paying off. There were moments when you wondered about your future. But ultimately, in the very end, every single bit of effort you put into the game came back and rewarded you. You learned how to persevere amidst adversity, to be a leader when your team counted on you, to listen to the Lord for your identity, to focus in order to achieve your goals, to be trained up by your coaches, to give it your very best effort even when you were dog-tired and sore, to be a part of a team—something bigger than yourself, and to be devoted to prayer and God’s timing.

But I believe one of the greatest lessons you took away from this game of football was this: that the hard work of life is done in the quiet, away from the crowds of cheering fans, and in the silence of everything but your own desire to do what is right and to succeed. You have walked out Colossians 3:23-24: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you now that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

Know that as you move forward in life as a student, friend, brother, disciple, and then later on, in your career, and as a husband and father, that there are going to be thousands of quiet moments of really hard work, and there will be times you will feel unappreciated, unnoticed, and unrewarded but promise me that you will remember this football journey and continue to press on in what you are called to, just as you did in football, knowing that you are serving the Lord and your inheritance is in Him.

I love you, Kade Cooper, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. The Lord has answered my prayer for your life: you are a man among men.

Love always,




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Near Fumble

I’m happy to report that Kam did great during his first {big} football game yesterday.  I wrapped him up in a Moby wrap that my cousin and aunt gave me and it worked perfectly!  There was lots of noise and onlookers but he held up like a champ.

In other not so good news, yesterday before the game we almost had a huge fumble.  I was in Kam’s room and had him laying on the changing table.  I had moved over to his chest of drawers to get out a blanket; in the meantime Devynn was watching Kam closely, too closely.  She had put her feet on the bottom rail of the changing table  with her hands on the top rail, and her weight caused the table to fall forward with Kam going down with her.  I turned and screamed DEVYNN and then rushed over and miraculously grabbed the table before Kam hit the ground.  My adrenaline had not flowed that powerfully in a long, long time.  After Kam was evaluated and we ruled out an injury, Devynn and I both cried crocodile tears.



The joys of parenting 🙂  I have determined that a newborn’s greatest threat is his older siblings!


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I would like to blog…

…but life has been crazy!

In effort to catch up, I am posting some random pictures on the blog tonight.

First off, Candice’s wedding.  Here I am doing my job as program provider (or perhaps you might call me a guestbook attendant, I don’t know the correct terminology).



Why is my picture taken from down low?  Because it’s from the perspective of this young photographer:



Here she is on the other side of the camera.



And snuggling with daddy.



And here’s my other photographer using the camera during the service to take pictures of himself.



Lovely, right?  Switching topics, here is my football player during the homecoming parade (very hard to spot).



And changing gears again, here are a few pictures from the apple orchard field trip that Devynn’s Pre-K class took recently.

We first had a demonstration on pollen and beekeeping.



Then we were allowed to pick one apple.  Decisions, decisions.






Next we took a tour of the apple orchard/garden/farm.





Both Pre-K classes at Devynn’s school.



I feel a little caught up!  More blogging soon!


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Middle school football

Middle school football is in full swing and I thought I’d post a few pictures.  I haven’t taken very many pictures this year because it’s hard for me to watch the entire game with the full effect when I’m taking pictures.  Call it laziness.  Cause that’s what it is.

Here’s my little (and he does look little compared to some of the linemen) running back carrying the ball.


Hurdling over someone (he is # 21).


Made it past that guy, onward…


New pursuer…


Some advice from Coach Ledford.


I’ll post better pictures after next week’s game.  I was lazily (do you see a trend here) taking these pictures from the stands but next week I’ll get some from the sidelines.

Enjoy your football this weekend,


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Today I am posting the first day of school pictures.  Kade has already been at school for three weeks so I am a little behind in posting–nothing new there!

Here is Kade's first day of middle school…he has football before school so he is dressed out in his athletic clothes.


I have been praying for Kade all summer with regards to middle school.  I don't think that he has been anxious, but I have the advantage of having survived middle school so I know what it can be like!  God is good, and so far school is off to a great start…

He came home with this jersey the second week of school…

Number 30 

Apparently in seventh grade football, if you get a red jersey you have made the A team so this was a day of celebration!  Kade and I had fun taking this picture and messaging it to Ryan…who promptly gave us a call!

Devynn started school this week full of anticipation and excitement.  We laid our her clothes the night before school and wouldn't you know that we would have a fashion challenge on the first day of school.  She had a green tunic and some turquoise leggings picked out.  The clothes were new and we hadn't tried them on so we didn't know that the leggings would look like panty hose once applied.  If you know me, you know I am not a big fan of hose, and fortunately neither is my daughter!  So we had to move on to another option. 

Here is what Devynn chose:

Devynn first day 

It's cute, but this outfit was also new and I hadn't bothered having her try the clothes on yet so the leggings were a little big (note the baggy knees) and I wished they would have been washed.  But as usual we were operating under a limited amount of time and it was time to GO!

So I decided to take a picture of the second day of school, which went much smoother and thankfully these clothes fit. 

Devynn second day 

Devynn and Andy 

I'd like to close by saying it's not all about the clothes!  It's just one of those days when you know you are going to take a picture, so you hope everything will look right!  Life is about embracing the imperfect in a perfect way, and I'm happy to say that I think my little girl would look beautiful in anything she had on 🙂

Happy Thursday, I'm headed off to my boys first middle school football game!


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