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Ranch Residents: Meet the Chickens

We love our chickens, we give each of them a name, we make them our pets, and we spend time with them everyday!  Having a chicken coop, watching the chickens cluck and explore, and gathering fresh eggs are some of the simplest joys in the world here at the ranch.

In the spring of 2016, we built a chicken coop together as a family project. You can read about that HERE. The original seven chicks that we started off with were:

“Peach”–a Salmon Faverolle

“Gladys”–a White Brahma

“Alex”–a Gold-Laced Wyandotte

“Peepers”–a Golden Comet

“Star”–an Amerecauna

“Priscilla”–an Easter Egger

“Domino”–a Dominique

For being fragile animals, the chickens have done surprisingly well holding up to our rough little boys!  The boys love to chase the chickens around and pick them up and squeeze them.  Besides being fun, the chickens have been great in teaching our kids responsibility.  I look forward to years of fun ahead of us with these little ladies.


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Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was great for our family!  The weather was beautiful and all went well.


Our morning started at about 7:00 when the dogs woke us up (we let them sleep in the laundry room the night before so they wouldn’t disturb the eggs).  Ryan decided that since he was already up to let the dogs out, he would go ahead and wake the kids up.

We were off huntin’ eggs in no time.






Is it just me, or does anybody else think my son needs a haircut?



After the kids found all of the eggs, we headed in for cinnamon rolls.  Yum!


After we’d stuffed ourselves silly, we hit the showers to get ready for church.


I need to note that I did not choose to have Andy in this photograph, however as usual he refused to listen to me.



More pictures of Easter afternoon tomorrow!




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