Room Tour: How I Made a Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Work

It can be tricky to make a room work when a boy and girl are sharing it!  A few years ago we put my then 3 year old son and 8 year old daughter together (so new baby could have his own room), and I’m excited to share with you how we made it work, and how you can too!

We started with the decision to use primary colors.  Bright reds, yellows, and greens are great for boys and girls!


We then went with a bunk bed so that each person had their own place to sleep (and there was still ample space in the room).


On our gallery wall, we incorporated some individual pieces as well as some things that were meaningful to both of them, staying with primary colors to achieve the look we were hoping for.

Let’s talk storage.  With two people in one room, you have to be careful about not having too much clutter!  Items we used for storage: one chest of drawers, a “bed pocket” on each bed, one basket to combine stuffed animals, a couple of hooks for backpacks, a wire basket for blankets, and everything else is in the closet!


Sources in this room:

Sheets: The Company Store

Bedspread: Target

Bunk Beds: Wal-Mart (similar)

Wall Map: Amazon

Green Bunk-Bed Pocket: Ikea

Rainbow Garland: The Land of Nod

Fabric for curtains: Hobby Lobby (same fabric, different color, but may have store availability)

Throw pillows: Ikea & Target (no longer available)

Wire basket (holding quilts): Target

Clothed Animal Art: Land of Nod (No longer available)

Backpack: Garnet Hill Kids (pattern no longer available)

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