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Beautiful story from this past Saturday morning…

{I typically wake up early so that I can do Bible study/reading/prayer in the quiet of the morning without interruptions or distractions.  After I finish I either go on a run, or out to our shop to workout indoors.}

In the darkness of an early Saturday morning I came around the corner of our kitchen headed to the office when a sweet little girl met me with her purple Bible in hand and said in the most pleasing voice ever I want to do my Bible study with you.

And my heart melted a thousand times over.

C’mon babe, let’s go study together.  As we snuggled together under blankets, me stroking her hair, and us talking about the verses we read (both of us ignoring the other’s morning breath), I silently praised the Lord that my little girl had such a huge desire to learn about God and study her Bible, even at the young age of six years old.  We closed in prayer and then I asked her if she’d like to run with me.

After bundling up in warm clothes we headed out of the house and into a beautiful morning.  My heart was swollen and humbled–why is God so good to me?

We ran together for 2.6 miles–really good for her first time!  It was a little hard for her to keep her pace and she alternated between sprinting and walking!  It was a wonderful crisp morning and we enjoyed talking, smiling, laughing together, and watching the sun creep up.


Lord, thank you for this treasure!



Thank you for this sweet girl who was beautifully and wonderfully made by You, Lord. Thank you for her love for me. Let me never take for granted the gift of being a mommy.


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