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A Man Among Men

In the end, the sport gave him exactly what I always dreamed that it would: character, integrity, leadership, and a warrior heart…

Dear Kade,

It’s taken me a week to collect my thoughts and put into words how I feel about the end of your football career. While I’m obviously proud of the awards you were recognized for last week…

-First Team All-State Linebacker TAPPS Division 1

-First Team All-State Academic TAPPS Division 1

-First Team All-District Linebacker

-Honorable Mention All-District Running Back

-Liberty Christian Warrior Heart Award

…I’m way more proud of the man you’ve become

There were practices, games, and seasons that were more challenging than others. There were days, and weeks, where you felt your hard work wasn’t paying off. There were moments when you wondered about your future. But ultimately, in the very end, every single bit of effort you put into the game came back and rewarded you. You learned how to persevere amidst adversity, to be a leader when your team counted on you, to listen to the Lord for your identity, to focus in order to achieve your goals, to be trained up by your coaches, to give it your very best effort even when you were dog-tired and sore, to be a part of a team—something bigger than yourself, and to be devoted to prayer and God’s timing.

But I believe one of the greatest lessons you took away from this game of football was this: that the hard work of life is done in the quiet, away from the crowds of cheering fans, and in the silence of everything but your own desire to do what is right and to succeed. You have walked out Colossians 3:23-24: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you now that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”

Know that as you move forward in life as a student, friend, brother, disciple, and then later on, in your career, and as a husband and father, that there are going to be thousands of quiet moments of really hard work, and there will be times you will feel unappreciated, unnoticed, and unrewarded but promise me that you will remember this football journey and continue to press on in what you are called to, just as you did in football, knowing that you are serving the Lord and your inheritance is in Him.

I love you, Kade Cooper, and I couldn’t be more proud of you. The Lord has answered my prayer for your life: you are a man among men.

Love always,




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Why I Blog

Ryan and I married in 2004 and were both very career-minded, and we allocated little time for friends and family.  We were new to the DFW area when we tied the knot, so with the combination of the new scenery and our career-driven lives, we didn’t made a lot of new relationships outside of work.  We were both grinding it out, putting in the effort at our jobs, and at the end of a day or a week we just really didn’t have a lot left on the table.

I am relationally-minded and craved deeper friendships, and over the new few years I began to take a thorough look at my life and what I really wanted for my future, and for my family’s future.

It was around 2007-ish that I began following several different blogs (most popularly Pioneer Woman) …I read blogs about photography, health, home, design, family, travel, education, and Christianity.  I really enjoyed getting a little peek into other’s lives.

From these blogs I gained much inspiration and leaned into my identity and passions.  I began to make tangible changes in my life like…

–Dedicating time for relationships and building friendships!

–Learning to take more pride in my role as a wife and a mom as I invested in my home life at our little Ranch in the City!

–Changing up my career, and work schedule!

–Trying new recipes!

–Planting a garden!

–Daring to become a homeschooling momma!

–Dreaming and planning for what my legacy will be!

And these are just a few ways my life looks different than it did ten years ago.

Women who shared their hearts, and photos, and tips and tricks, led me to see the world in a way that I wasn’t currently viewing it.  Their words and images were what I needed to challenge and excite me, to create big purposeful dreams!

I am here to continue my journey of being inspired online and connecting with others, and I’m here to share my own life in hopes that maybe I will inspire just one momma out there.

The wise woman builds her house.” Proverbs 14:1



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Ranch Residents: Meet the Chickens

We love our chickens, we give each of them a name, we make them our pets, and we spend time with them everyday!  Having a chicken coop, watching the chickens cluck and explore, and gathering fresh eggs are some of the simplest joys in the world here at the ranch.

In the spring of 2016, we built a chicken coop together as a family project. You can read about that HERE. The original seven chicks that we started off with were:

“Peach”–a Salmon Faverolle

“Gladys”–a White Brahma

“Alex”–a Gold-Laced Wyandotte

“Peepers”–a Golden Comet

“Star”–an Amerecauna

“Priscilla”–an Easter Egger

“Domino”–a Dominique

For being fragile animals, the chickens have done surprisingly well holding up to our rough little boys!  The boys love to chase the chickens around and pick them up and squeeze them.  Besides being fun, the chickens have been great in teaching our kids responsibility.  I look forward to years of fun ahead of us with these little ladies.


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Leisure: Stopping to Stare

Leisure time, baby on horse

Twice in the last thirty days, I have seen this poem…and I know that God is speaking to me. Leisure is what I’m lacking…


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?–
No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows:
No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night:
No time to turn at Beauty’s glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance:
No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began?
A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

–W.H. Davies

He wants me to stop. Stop and enjoy the blessings all around me. Give into the joy of leisure, and not let me heart feel like it must “do” in order to be worthy to my people.  Stare at what is worth remembering.

And my people love it when I stop and stare and give them the most precious gift of attention and admiration.

I love the time after Christmas and before the New Year, when our family pauses and huddles together at home enjoying our new gifts, eating holiday leftovers and desserts, and snuggling together on the couch.  It is truly a time of year when I set aside responsibilities and instead relax from the hustle of Christmas and just enjoy my people.

I need more of these days in 2017.  Just the other night, Ryan and I lay in bed discussing how fast 2016 went.  How time is flying and we wished we could just press pause on life. We love this stage of life, the ages of our children, and the lifestyle we have created.  But it feels like we can’t ever press the brakes!

Focused attention on my precious peeps is what will slow things down.  I WILL create and make time to stop and stare!

Baby Riding Horse


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That Guest Ranch: Revitalization of a Dream

Our twelfth anniversary fell on the third weekend of September this year and Ryan and I could NOT wait to get out of town and have some alone time together!  It was the first couple trip we’ve taken together since before Kash was born, so it was long overdue!

We decided on Fredericksburg (TX) because it was easy to drive to and we truly didn’t care where we went, as long as we were away together!  I checked out Airbnb on a friend’s recommendation and found a simple little one-bedroom house on a peach orchard.


We did some fun things while we were in town, like hike at Enchanted Rock, shop at Fredericksburg Trade Days, and drink wine at Grape Creek Vineyards.  But what was really fun for us was driving along Texas backroads, soaking in the sun, all while talking and dreaming about the future.  On the way to Fredericksburg, we just generally “caught up.” As in, “Hey, I think I know who you are but we haven’t had time to connect lately, let’s talk!”  And then while we were driving, this dream we had on our honeymoon twelve years ago became the subject of discussion.


For whatever reason, God placed on our hearts the dream of having a guest ranch. (Quick explanation: a working ranch where our family lives, and also hosts different families each week who want to vacation on the ranch.)  This dream started on our honeymoon and we dreamed about it for a full week while we were out in Cali, and then we came home and life just kept going.  Our little dream lingered in our hearts but we weren’t able to spend much time and energy into developing it because well, life.

Over the years, there has been small chatter about it but no action or deep thought on that guest ranch of ours.  But on this twelfth anniversary of ours, we got to our cozy little cabin and busted out a notebook and whipped out a bunch of crazy creative ideas. We nailed down the concept, the experience, the activities, the goods, the mission and then the next step was going to the local HEB (wish we had those in the DFW area) and purchasing some poster-board for these ideas that were too big for a regular sized 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.  We laid out a sketch of the lodge, the house, the orchard, the guest houses, the horse barns, the mercantile, and all the other little places we need for our ranch.  We went to the local pizzeria and couldn’t quit talking about it so we used their big white placemats and drew on those and then we did what we always do and we checked out the local real estate.


It felt good to dream again.  To focus on the future, and not just the list of things that must be done this week for our family to survive.  It was freeing to recall those honeymoon memories and to acknowledge some different things God has put on our hearts.  And now as we work on our current and future goals, we are working our activities all around that little guest ranch dream that we hope to make a reality someday!

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The Chicken Coop Scoop

NOTE: This post was originally published on our work website on August 12, 2016.


The Chicken Coop is finished! Ryan and I had such a fun time on this project and we enjoyed getting to share it with you live on our Facebook page. As promised, here is the scoop with details and sources.

Edited Full View 001

The chicken coop was a great project to work on as a family.  There were little jobs for little hands, and big jobs for big hands.  It was also a great time for Ryan and I to chat while working on it together.   We had lots of hands involved in this project and I intend on doing a separate post showing “behind the scenes” footage with our kids, neighbors, and friends helping out on this work of heart!

Below is the door detail.  As mentioned on our live video, we wanted to build this coop as inexpensively as possible.  So for the door, we picked it up at a local “junk” store for less than $20 and painted it.  I already had this paint on hand from a previous project, and it is “Slate Tile” by Sherwin Williams.  Ryan added two door latches–we needed a second high latch to keep the kids from opening it up and leaving the door open for predators. I picked up that dark blue planter on the left from our local junk man ($2), and the American flag was something I’ve had for years and even considering getting rid of before due to the sun fading the colors out, but now I’m so glad I kept it because the blue fade goes perfectly with the coop.  Ryan mounted a flower hook from Home Depot for me so that I could always keep a hanging basket of fresh flowers up.  It is August in Texas right now, so none of my flowers are doing too well! I will have to get creative with what needs to hang on there next.  Come soon, fall weather!


I absolutely love the rustic wood siding that Ryan used.  We were pretty intentional with the siding because we wanted it to be rustic and cheap but not too janky.  We were first going to use wooden pallets but a friend suggested using fence planks instead.  That decision turned out great and Ryan spent a lot of time pulling nails, cutting, and designing.  I adore the vertical planks mixed with the horizontal planks.

Because we have some other out buildings at our house that have red in them, I knew I wanted to trim the chicken coop out in red.  It made sense to make everything tie in together! This red is “Cherry Cola Red” by Behr from Home Depot.  Home Depot had a great color card that was my inspiration for the coop.  Click HERE to see the color card on our Instagram page.  I knew I wanted some type of gooseneck barn light and I ended up purchasing this galvanized metal one from Lamps Plus.  If you need a custom size, material and/or color for your barn (or interior) light, check out Barn Light Electric.  They have the dreamiest lights ever (and I love their tagline: “where vintage and modern collide”)!


“Ranch in the City” is the affectionate term for our home, and my mom gave me this old window several years ago with the phrase “Ranch in the City” hand painted on the window pane.  But the sun and rain faded the letters over time so I cleaned up the window and installed a waterproof decal that is supposed to last for 5-7 years.  The decal was custom made by Stormy Night Designs on Etsy and it the reason I chose this vendor was because I was able to choose any free Google font that I wanted for my decal.  I ordered the chicken decal separately from a different Etsy vendor, but in the same color so it would all tie in together.


Close-up photo detail of bench + flowers.

I used an old worn bench with warped wood to set in front of the coop to display flowers. The bench is special because it came from one of our properties that we purchased to flip. The previous owners left it outside and Ryan brought it home for me knowing that it would go perfect for this project. The 3 planters (left to right) were purchased from Canton First Monday Trade Days, Magnolia (at their old location), and from my local junk man.


Little shot of the run here.  I planted a crossvine plant that is an evergreen (yay!) and I’m hoping it will vine across the coop to provide some shade in the coop for next summer.  (We originally had a wisteria here but my mom tipped me off that it could potentially be poisonous if eaten by the chickens so we switched and put the crossvine in.)  The wooden tree stumps are also from one of our properties and they are the perfect place for the chickens to perch and feel important!


Beginning of some crossvine blooms!  The majority of my flowers were purchased from my favorite local nursery, Meador Nursery.


I love, love, love the combination of woods and metals!


You can see that the wood isn’t perfect, and that’s what I love about it.  Ryan pressure washed the wood to give it a clean look that better showed the imperfections.  He cut each piece with his saw to perfectly match up the pieces together.


This is an old window on the west side of the coop.  Ryan knocked the glass out and we installed this window for ventilation and placed some chicken wire over it to protect them from intruders.


I ordered “the hen house” sign from Liberty Island Farm on Etsy.


Another view taking a step back! The red tin roof matches our barn and was left over from when the barn was built, so Ryan used it for this roof.  Another element that helps tie the chicken coop to the other buildings we have on our property, plus it was free!  And I love the way the green grass contrasts with the coop!


Chicken coop interior coming at you now…who ever knew you would need to “decorate” a chicken coop?!

What’s more American than a chicken coop? Ok, maybe apple pie, but fresh eggs is a close second in our eyes! So I thought it would look great to use this wooden painted flag that I already had and hang it above their nesting boxes.  I purchased this old rustic metal box piece from Canton First Monday Trade Days a couple of years ago for $20.  I was using it in my art studio to store art supplies but once we built the chicken coop, I knew it had to be used for its original purpose!  Ryan used manila rope (purchased from Home Depot) to mount the coop.  We are in love with manila rope, and we use it on everything! I love the way the metal looks with the white and I love the metal plus rope combination as well.


These “Feed Your Belly Feed Your Soul” and “Freedbirds” wooden blocks are from a friend who did a remodel at Freebirds. (These were extras from the job site.)


Detail of the manila rope, plus rope clamps and XL metal screw eyes–these were used to hang the roosting boxes and we also used the same items to hang the chicken’s water bucket in the corner (not shown).


I took a step back in the photo below to show you a full length shot of the interior.  Although the interior didn’t need to be painted, I just knew a light paint would give the coop a lighter, more open look. I used livestock-safe barn and fence paint from Behr and the color is Barn White No. 35. It’s a great bright white even those these pictures actually make the paint look a little yellow due to the position of the sun when I was shooting.

We’ve got more tree stumps inside the coop, a metal bin to store chicken feed, and their water and feeder.


So, we started with seven chicks and still have all seven! (This is by the grace of God, because we’ve had two near-death accidents!) The chicks are growing like crazy and they love their tiny abode. The kids enjoy holding them and chasing them and we can’t wait for them to start producing some farm fresh eggs for us!  Here’s a roll call:

  1. Peepers – an Easter Egger
  2. Gladys – a White Brahma
  3. Peach – a Golden Comet
  4. Alex Morgan – a Black-Laced Golden Wyandotte
  5. Priscilla – a Salmon Faverolle
  6. Star – an Ameraucana
  7. Domino – a Dominique

The chicks were purchased at my local feed store, D &L Feed Store in Denton.  They were so helpful in helping us choose the perfect chicks for our family, and they let the kids hold a handful of chicks while we made decisions about our final inventory!


Big huge thank you to Ryan who put a lot of man hours into this project and made it the dreamiest coop I could have ever imagined! He is so talented!

Is anybody ready to build a coop?! We hope we’ve inspired you to potentially design your own chicken house!  If you have any questions for us, just send us an email or contact us on social media!

Adding this last image for potential Pinterest pinning!  Have a great weekend y’all!


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