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A Man Among Men

In the end, the sport gave him exactly what I always dreamed that it would: character, integrity, leadership, and a warrior heart… Dear Kade, It’s taken me a week to collect my thoughts and put into words how I feel about the end of your football career. While I’m obviously proud of the awards you […]

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Why I Blog

Ryan and I married in 2004 and were both very career-minded, and we allocated little time for friends and family.  We were new to the DFW area when we tied the knot, so with the combination of the new scenery and our career-driven lives, we didn’t made a lot of new relationships outside of work. […]

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Golden Comet on the ranch

Ranch Residents: Meet the Chickens

We love our chickens, we give each of them a name, we make them our pets, and we spend time with them everyday!  Having a chicken coop, watching the chickens cluck and explore, and gathering fresh eggs are some of the simplest joys in the world here at the ranch. In the spring of 2016, we built a chicken […]

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Leisure time, baby on horse

Leisure: Stopping to Stare

Twice in the last thirty days, I have seen this poem…and I know that God is speaking to me. Leisure is what I’m lacking… Leisure What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare?– No time to stand beneath the boughs, And stare as long as sheep and cows: […]

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That Guest Ranch: Revitalization of a Dream

Our twelfth anniversary fell on the third weekend of September this year and Ryan and I could NOT wait to get out of town and have some alone time together!  It was the first couple trip we’ve taken together since before Kash was born, so it was long overdue! We decided on Fredericksburg (TX) because it […]

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The chicken coop we built

The Chicken Coop Scoop

NOTE: This post was originally published on our work website on August 12, 2016. __________ The Chicken Coop is finished! Ryan and I had such a fun time on this project and we enjoyed getting to share it with you live on our Facebook page. As promised, here is the scoop with details and sources. The […]

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