Boots to Go: A Look at our Entry

Living on five acres and having a few farm animals means that we find ourselves outdoors quite often.  Every morning and each evening is the infamous “Feeding Time.”  Which means that the members of my little tribe must throw on their boots and get out the door to take care of the animals at the Ranch in the City.  You can imagine that we have quite the boot inventory, and I was a little tired of having them slung all over the house!  I thrive in an organized home and visual pollution really throws me off!

So, we designed a functional, and eye-pleasing, way to keep our boots accessible.  Ryan hauled in an old rustic red picnic table that had seen it’s better days out by our pond, and salvaged some of the wood from it.  He used the salvaged wood to build a short, but long, bench to keep all of our boots on. (I’d actually seen a similar idea on the Country Living website, click here to see my inspiration.)

I accessorized with a a few purchases from Magnolia (metal bucket and stems) plus a wooden plank piece of art hung above the boots from Pottery Barn.

This bench/storage shelf piece of furniture is perfect for our family’s boot management and we feel like it is a warm and cozy greeting for those who walk through our front door!  Plus we loved recycling old wood and bringing a part of the outdoors inside!

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