5 Great Reasons to Have a Bunk Bed

When our littlest guy was born, we had no other alternative than to get bunk beds.  We were out of space and somebody had to share a room, so bunk beds were the solution.  At first I wasn’t crazy about the idea, but I fell in love with the bunk bed setup for these reasons:

  1. BONDING: My kids love to chat and giggle together after I tuck them in.  It’s an easy way for them to bond!
  2. SECURITY: The two kids that share the room with bunk beds are 10 and 6, but my younger was 4 years old when we implemented the bunk beds and having his older sister in there was a form of security for him.  It made it really easy to tuck him in at night, and he is nearly never scared, or worried about monsters!
  3. SETUP: I love to read to my kids at night, and it’s easier with everyone in one spot, rather than having to do story time in several different locations.  Bonus: tucking in two children at one time (productive)!
  4. GUESTS: It’s great to have for when the kids have friends for a sleepover.  Always our guests want the top bunk, and I stick my child in the bottom bunk, and the other child (who didn’t have a friend over) gets the special privilege of sleeping with me in my room.
  5. LESS IS MORE: When two children share one room, that means they have only one closet and one chest of drawers to fit all of their things in.  The kids got rid of “extras” and tend to live more with “essentials.” Which means that there is less to clean up!

BONUS: Another reason I love bunk beds from a design perspective is that the bunks go up, rather than out, and it makes the room feel spacious.

So even if you have plenty of bedroom space, I encourage you to install bunk beds in at least one bedroom, and enjoy all the benefits these little hard-working sleepers provide!

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