My Shadow

Beautiful story from this past Saturday morning…

{I typically wake up early so that I can do Bible study/reading/prayer in the quiet of the morning without interruptions or distractions.  After I finish I either go on a run, or out to our shop to workout indoors.}

In the darkness of an early Saturday morning I came around the corner of our kitchen headed to the office when a sweet little girl met me with her purple Bible in hand and said in the most pleasing voice ever I want to do my Bible study with you.

And my heart melted a thousand times over.

C’mon babe, let’s go study together.  As we snuggled together under blankets, me stroking her hair, and us talking about the verses we read (both of us ignoring the other’s morning breath), I silently praised the Lord that my little girl had such a huge desire to learn about God and study her Bible, even at the young age of six years old.  We closed in prayer and then I asked her if she’d like to run with me.

After bundling up in warm clothes we headed out of the house and into a beautiful morning.  My heart was swollen and humbled–why is God so good to me?

We ran together for 2.6 miles–really good for her first time!  It was a little hard for her to keep her pace and she alternated between sprinting and walking!  It was a wonderful crisp morning and we enjoyed talking, smiling, laughing together, and watching the sun creep up.


Lord, thank you for this treasure!



Thank you for this sweet girl who was beautifully and wonderfully made by You, Lord. Thank you for her love for me. Let me never take for granted the gift of being a mommy.



Bluest Eyes in Texas

All 3 of my kiddos get red in the face very easily whenever they are out in the sun, or when they are physically exerting themselves.  Their bright red faces sure make the blue in their eyes pop!


Love all of my blue-eyed babies 🙂



Today, A Good Start

My day always starts best when it begins with two things: exercise–usually in the form of a nice run with one of my canine friends–and some time with God.  I took this picture last year after a wonderfully crisp morning run. I hadn’t had much exercise in a while and I so desperately needed the endorphins that exercise gives. When I finished running and returned home my spirit was as light as a feather and I spent some time on the front porch watching the sun rise and reading the Word.



It totally changed the rest of my day and I had more energy, love, and capability than I’d had in a while! One daily devotional I really enjoy right now is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  It’s quick but touching; it’s written in first person as if Jesus is talking personally to you.  I am also beginning a new Bible study called Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore.  It’s one of her older studies (1998-ish) and I’m working through it over the course of ten weeks with a group of moms that has children at the school our kids attend.  I always love Beth Moore studies and I’m sure this one which involves studying the Fruit of the Spirit will be great.

When I need workout inspiration, I turn to Pinterest. It is inspiring to see others’ tips and ideas, and for me personally it keeps me from getting in a rut of doing the same old thing. One of my favorite pins is Your Best Butt!

Pinned from

So today is off to a good start…let’s see if I can go accomplish a shower 🙂



Coming Soon: Spring Break

The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and the grass is just beginning to turn green!  Of course that was yesterday, and today is cold and windy.  It’s always hard to tell whether we will have an early Spring or a late Winter.  Not that we really have seasons at all in Texas.

My mind is wandering to a warm Earth.  What will I plant in my garden this year?  I will most certainly be doing things a little differently than last year!  Where will I be during Spring Break? A nice outdoor trip sounds wonderful for Spring Break.

As I’ve been combing my way through thousands of 2012 pictures, I found a couple of pictures from last year around Spring Break.

This one makes me laugh…who is more distressed in this picture?



And then we have Aunt Jess trying to teach Devynn how to rope.



Cousins at the zoo.



Mom and Jess…traveling with their Allsup’s always refreshing sodas 🙂



Granny Joy and her great-grandson.



And Devynn in her sombrero.



A lot has changed in one year and I’m looking forward to what spring and 2013 has to bring.  What about you–what are your spring break plans and what will you be planting this spring?



God Made A Farmer

I’m still working on compiling my best of 2012 photos, it’s a process with everything else I have going on right now!  Today I want to simply share this touching video that was aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  “God Made a Farmer” by Dodge is beautiful.  I love that Paul Harvey is narrating.

My mom texted me the morning after the Super Bowl and said this video made her think of my Papa (her father).  Tears.  I miss everything about him.  I miss watching this hard-working lifestyle as a little girl.

To the Farmer in all of us,



Best of 2012

Happy New Year’s!  Hoping 2013 is full of blessings for all associated with this blog!  For my New Year’s resolutions, I resolve to make resolutions.  Seriously.  Hope those are finished started in a few days.  It’s very hard to find the time for everything I’d like to do right now.  Including blogging!  I so miss my blog.  It is most certainly on my To-Do List for 2013.  I love recording the lives of our family members and looking back with affection at what we’ve done over the years.  So since I was very, very MIA from the blog last year, I am going to post some of my favorite images from 2012.


Ryan and Kade at the Rose Bowl to watch the Oregon Ducks


A very pretty James Avery ring from a very special friend


A sweet little baby foot


Baby face


Ice skating at the Galleria


Blue-eyed beauty


Sleeping beauty


My little ballerina


My little girl getting her ears pierced


Kam’s first time to go to church


Big brother & baby bro


My little model smiling for the camera


My little super-girl turns 5!


Grammy snuggling with Kam!


My big boy’s feet & my little boy’s feet


Daddy-Daughter date


Excited about her date night!


Baby Dedication


Miss Smiley


Devynn and Coach Daddy ready for their flag football game


Kam ready to cheer big sister on!


The Grandi Family got a new puppy!


Happy Feet


These photographs are up to spring-ish 2012; I’m thinking I will need several more blog posts to finish off 2012.

Happy Day,



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